Easy way to enter GUIDs for WiX scripts

One of the pains of using WiX is that every component you create has to have its own unique GUID.
Using the Tools/Create GUID... option from Visual Studio is one way to create a new GUID, but you have to copy and paste it into the right place in your script, which, when you have to create in the region of a trillion components, can be quite tiresome.
The easiest way I've found of doing it is to create a custom macro, along the lines of:
Sub Guid()  DTE.ActiveDocument.Selection.Text =
System.Guid.NewGuid.ToString End Sub

You can then associate the macro to a keyboard shortcut (Tools/Options.../Keyboard), e.g. Ctrl-K,Ctrl-G.

Creating a new GUIDs is then just two keystrokes away. (Or one if you've configured a better alternative!)

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