• Using WinRTTriggers within data templates

    Kaki104 recently commented that they were having a problem using triggers in a certain situation. Helpfully a simple repro was provided – a simple grid view, with an attempt to start a storyboard … more

  • Using LiveDataScript

    LiveDataScript is a little utility to generate SQL insert scripts from SQL Server databases. I wrote it quite a few years ago, but since it’s still fairly useful and the last place it was hosted has … more

  • Conditional trigger actions with WinRTTriggers

    WinRTTriggers is a available from the codeplex project site or from nuget. Sample code for this post can be downloaded here. The latest update to WinRTTriggers (v1.1.0) includes 2 big changes: … more

  • Triggers in WinRT XAML

    All the code for WinRTTriggers is available from the CodePlex project site, and is available in binary form in a nuget package.

    A few months ago I attended one of Microsoft's "Windows Phone to … more

  • Equazor

    A couple of months ago I released my first Windows Phone game into the wild. It’s a “maths-based puzzle game” that will challenge, infuriate (hopefully not too much!) and with a bit … more

  • New host, new look

    There hasn’t been much activity here for a while for several reasons, including a new job and the small matter of a total server failure for a few months…

    …but now I’m back. … more

  • Export all tables in an Access database to CSV

    I don't usually mess around with Access much, but when I do it's usually to have it act as an intermediary data source while I'm getting data from one format to another.

    I had just such a problem to … more

  • Why have my visual state changes stopped working?

    This took me a little while to work out, and searching for an answer didn't help me out, so I thought it might be helpful to post this as a pointer to anyone else who encounters the same problem.

    My … more

  • Hooking into session start events in an HTTP module

    According to the MSDN documentation you can't handle Session Start events in an HTTP module. The reason for this is because when you are initialising an HTTP module you hook into events associated to … more

  • Article on using SqlBulkCopy with POCOs

    I realised that I never pushed this on my blog at all, so belatedly I will. Last year I wrote an article for Developer Fusion that discussed how you could make use of SqlBulkCopy to do high … more