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  • Implementing a persisted file store for LIFTI

    Over a month ago I started to write a persisted file store for LIFTI. Given that I'd pretty much just finished implementing binary serialization for indexes, why would I want to do that? … more

  • Building a debugger visualizer for generic types

    You can find the source code relating to this post here. Since Visual Studio 2005 we have been able to write debugger visualizers to help us look at data in a more convenient way whilst debugging. … more

  • Performance tuning using Visual Studio 2010

    In this post I'll be showing you how to use Visual Studio 2010 performance analysis tools to find slow parts in your code, make changes and then verify that those fixes have actually been beneficial. … more

  • Writing multi-threaded unit tests

    In my last blog post I described how I implemented the lock manager in LIFTI. This was pretty straightforward because ReaderWriterLockSlim was leveraged to do all of the really heavy lifting, but … more

  • Implementing thread safety in LIFTI

    I've wanted to get a bit of thread-safety going in LIFTI for a little while now because one of the my target scenarios was for the index to be hosted in a website. The index is already thread safe … more

  • LIFTI-Changes ahoy

    Happy new year! If anyone has been following the recent check-ins that have been happening over on the LIFTI CodePlex site will have noticed quite a bit of activity over the Christmas period. In … more

  • Advanced querying with LIFTI

    As always, you can find the LIFTI project at its CodePlex home: Until now, the way in which you can query against LIFTI has been pretty basic. If you searched for " … more

  • LIFTI and Porter stemming

    Back in the original post where I first introduced LIFTI I wrote: LIFTI will not...: Handle word derivatives, e.g. if "Cats" is searched for, objects containing just the word "Cat" would not be … more