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  • LIFTI-Changes ahoy

    Happy new year! If anyone has been following the recent check-ins that have been happening over on the LIFTI CodePlex site will have noticed quite a bit of activity over the Christmas period. In … more

  • Advanced querying with LIFTI

    As always, you can find the LIFTI project at its CodePlex home: Until now, the way in which you can query against LIFTI has been pretty basic. If you searched for " … more

  • LIFTI and Porter stemming

    Back in the original post where I first introduced LIFTI I wrote: LIFTI will not...: Handle word derivatives, e.g. if "Cats" is searched for, objects containing just the word "Cat" would not be … more

  • LIFTI: Searching Pascal-cased words

    This post will show how LIFTI can be adapted to index and search upon Pascal-cased words, similar to Visual Studio 2010's Navigate To window. (Or Resharper's Go to symbol command, if you're so … more

  • Creating a lightweight in-memory full text indexer

    Introduction SQL Server provides a really powerful full text index feature whereby you can run queries along the lines of "find me comments that contain the words 'success' and 'happy'". That's all … more