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  • StoryboardCompletedTrigger and SetPropertyAction

    I’ve spent a couple of hours on WinRTTriggers tonight and added a couple of features that have been requested recently, StoryboardCompletedTrigger and SetPropertyAction. StoryboardCompletedTrigger … more

  • Async and await in constructors

    I was working on LIFTI last night, trying to create a Windows Store compatible version of it and encountered 2 main problems: No support for IEnlistmentNotification, so no transactional support is … more

  • Using WinRTTriggers within data templates

    Kaki104 recently commented that they were having a problem using triggers in a certain situation. Helpfully a simple repro was provided – a simple grid view, with an attempt to start a storyboard … more

  • Conditional trigger actions with WinRTTriggers

    WinRTTriggers is a available from the codeplex project site or from nuget. Sample code for this post can be downloaded here. The latest update to WinRTTriggers (v1.1.0) includes 2 big changes: … more

  • Triggers in WinRT XAML

    All the code for WinRTTriggers is available from the CodePlex project site, and is available in binary form in a nuget package.

    A few months ago I attended one of Microsoft's "Windows Phone to … more